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The Sankt Augustin Mission Seminary (Missionspriesterseminar) celebrates this year:

75 years anniversary - On September 21, 1925 began the first batch of Philosophy seminarians in Sankt Augustin.

80 years anniversary - On May 19, 1920, twenty novices profess their First Vows for the first time in Sankt Augustin.

65 years anniversary - On September 21, 1935 was the first Ordination of seminarians who have undergone the whole Theology course in Sankt Augustin.

70 years anniversary - On 1930, the Seminary Church was formally consecrated.

Did you know that?


165 Participants and Staff from 33 countries are attending the 15th GenChapter. 130 have voting rights: 2 Ex-Generalsuperiors, 12 General Councilors, 30 from Europe, 32 from America, 41 from Asia-Pacific and 13 from Africa. From them 50 are born in Europe, 32 in America, 42 in Asia-Pacific and 6 in Africa. There are 10 non-voting observers and 25 staff members, of them 11 are translators in English, German and Spanish. The youngest participant is 29 years old, Hirch, Victor and the oldest is 82 years old, the former General Superior John Musinsky.

Did you know that?

Katholikentag: Facts and Figures

37,500 Entrance Tickets were bought before the opening day.

1,600 Helpers and Volunteers were mobilized.

103 Gemeinschaftquartiere (sleeping quarters) were utilized.

20,000 Sanduhren (Sandtimer)

1,000 Fora, Workshops, Presentations.

19.3 Million Mark costed the whole Katholikentag.

1,000 extra Trains and 34 extra buses were added in the city.

5 extra Trains brought 5,000 passengers coming from various parts of Germany to Hamburg.

470 Helpers for 5,000 children.

1,000 food each day were cooked by 30 Cooks and 100 Helpers while 60 Drivers distributed it.. June 2, a psychologically sick woman caused traffic in Bahnhof, 253 Trains arrived late, that is equivalent to 6,236 minutes.

Around 50,000 participants joined the last Katholikentag.

Did you know that?