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Austausch der Glaubenserfahrung

Drei Fratres von unserer Gemeinschaft nahmen an einem Treffen für die MitarbeiteInnen von MISSIO am 13. Mai in Berlin teil. Es wurde von P.Ludger Müller SVD geleitet. Dabei konnten die Fratres ihre Glaubenserfahrungen in Asien und Afrika austauschen. Die hl. Messe mit multikulturellen Elementen war ein Stück nach Hause mitzunehmen gewesen. Das Bedürfnis einer kreativen Methode für die lebendige Glaubenserfahrung in Deutschland wurde während des Gesprächs sehr deutlich.

Celebrating our Unity in Diversity

In a fitting celebration of the Pentecost, the birth of the Church, around 30 participants from all walks of life and coming from seven different countries gathered together in a day of recollection in the SVD parish of the Holy Spirit in Berlin, June 11, 2000.

The recollection which is one of the activities of the parochial feast was attended by religious sisters, diocesan priest, lay people, youth, students and three seminarians from Sankt Augustin: Xavier Alangaram, Petrus Kelyombar and Adonis Narcelles who together with Fr. Ludger Müller facilitated the different activities.

The participants who came from Germany, Indonesia, Poland, Ecuador, Cameroon, India and the Philippines shared their experiences in contact with people coming from another culture. In general, there was a feeling of openness and acceptance despite the cultural differences. Such celebration of our unity in diversity was capped by the celebration of the Holy Mass prepared by the Filipinos in Berlin under the chaplaincy of Fr. Erasio Flores, SVD. A Santacruzan, a famous Filipino procession ended the day’s festivities commemorating the 102th anniversary of the Philippine Independence.

Jugendmesse in Hangelar Multiculti-Mass awakens the Parishioners

Songs in nine languages. Sounds of guitar, keyboard and drums. Indigeneous cloth from Indonesia and the Philippines. Incense from India. SVD missionaries from Togo, Indonesia, Poland, Philippines, Ecuador, India, Germany and seminarians from China.

This multicultural spirit greeted the parishioners of St. Anna in Hangelar last May 21. The seminarians from Sankt Augustin were invited to organize the monthly youth mass in the parish. They took then this opportunity to share their Multiculturality in the Liturgy.

For the parishioners who witness for the first time such lively and inculturated Liturgy, it was both „awakening“ and at the same time „enriching.“

Seminarians survived fatal accident

Five seminarians from Sankt Augustin and one priest met a fatal accident last June 2, 2000 (9:05 am) on their way to Slovakia to attend the Thansgiving Mass of their newly ordained confreres. The accident happened in Autobahn 3 (Highway 3) in Montabaur, few kilometers away from Frankfurt. The seminary van clashed with a delivery van and turned turtle three times... the miracles was that they survived the accident and incurred only minor injuries.

Community visits Goethe-Town

This years community outing was in Wetzlar, a historical town where Goethe made his practicum as a young lawyer. On June 13, 53 members of the community and some guests had a guided tour in the city, visited the church, viewed the old houses (1600-1800) and relished the summer weather.

Theology Students meet Muslims

Theology students from Sankt Augustin visited a mosque in Cologne last May 29 as part of their exposure/encounter in the subject Introduction to the History of Religions. Mr. Erol Purlu, an Islam Scholar and Theologian explained the various symbols and rites in the mosque in relation to Islam doctrines and beliefs. There are around three million Muslims in Germany and some 40 mosques in Cologne alone.

MaZ got a Taste of Seminary Life

Sixteen Missionaries auf Zeit (MaZ) candidates experienced for the first time life in the seminary, but only for a week (April 16-23, 2000) as part of the preparatory program for their missionary experience in another country. Fr. Franz-Josef Himbert, Burkhardt Hellemann (MaZ in Chile) and six seminarians: Joseph Xaver Alangaram, Jean Prosper Agbagnon, Lukas Badowski, Anantham Antony, Zacharias Sago and Adonis Narcelles Jr. facilitated the week-long encounter. Activities included community prayers and meals, talks on selected topics like Inculturation and Mission, Sports, Videos, ground work and active participation in the whole Paschal Triduum. At the end of the week, these youth who shared their dynamism and creativity to the community, expressed joy and gratitude for the hospitality and the openness they have experienced in the seminary.

Seminarians facilitate Pentecost Encounter

A group of seminarians facilitated this year’s Pentecost Encounter in Arnold Janssen Haus, June 10-12, 2000. 70 participants, especially families attended the week-end celebration. Fr. Hermann Kochanek, SVD and Br. Gebhard, SVD together with lay volunteers and the seminarians organize this yearly meeting. Activities during the week-end include sharing, Liturgy, lectures and games.

Seminary opens its doors on October 1

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the SVD and the 75th anniversary of the Sankt Augustin Seminary, the SVD in Sankt Augustin openned its doors to the public on October 1, 2000. The Museum and various Institutes will also open their doors to guests. The visitors witnessed a lot of activities like international food, songs and dances, games for children, guided tour and more. The day opens with a multicultural Mass at 9:15.